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Gary Emich in Baja California
Lessons From Alcatraz
Gary Emich is an accomplished and well-traveled 62-year-old open water swimmer. Emich holds the record for the greatest number of Alcatraz Island swims. He will make his 1000th crossing on 11 June 2013. without a wetsuit or fins. He has also swum in the Amazon, Peru's Lake Titicaca, Scotland's Loch Ness, Fiji and the Rottnest Channel Swim as well as done relays in the English Channel, Catalina Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and Swim Around Key West.

Emich is also the creator of the word aquapreneur and has written for Inside Triathlon and USA Triathlon Life magazines. He has coached hundreds to experience the same adventures as he has experienced, both in San Francisco Bay and around the world.

He is also the co-author of Lessons from Alcatraz and co-host of the DVD "Lane Lines to Shore Lines: Your Complete Guide to Open Water Swimming." He shared his insights on Open Water Wednesday about the sport, "Open water swimming may be gaining popularity among our aging population because it is less stressful on the joints. It also affords a great opportunity to keep fit and stay in shape."

Lessons From Alcatraz

Joseph Oakes and Gary Emich co-wrote a new book Open Water Swimming - Lessons from Alcatraz.

They co-wrote the book for those who are encouraged "to enjoy the wonderful feeling of success that comes from completion of the great, difficult and classic swimming challenge" of swimming from Alcatraz Island to the shoreline of San Francisco.

"Alcatraz swims have been our obsession for many years," writes the co-authors. "Read on and devour what we have prepared for you." We read on and, in fact, very much enjoyed the insights and background to Alcatraz swims from the perspective of swimmers, escorts and race directors. We have seen too many unqualified swimmers trying unsuccessfully to swim from Alcatraz. In that time our Alcatraz Safety Crew has had to rescue well over 1,000 swimmers, many of whom should never have been out there foolishly endangering themselves and those around them. Bravado has its place, but not at Alcatraz."

Wise words from the long-time friends. Over the past three decades Joe, a Fellow of the British Royal Geographical Society, has guided more than 30,000 swimmers from Alcatraz. he has finished open water swims around the world, including a swim from Russia to Alaska (the opposite direction of Lynne Cox's 1987 swim in the Bering Strait), 130 marathon runs, 51 ultra-distance runs and 6 Hawaiian Ironman triathlons.



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