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Glendalough (Irish: Gleann Dá Loch, meaning "glen of two lakes") combines stunning scenery with oak-line banks and a fascinating monastic history on the edge of the Wicklow mountains in Ireland. Its upper lake is the site to an Open Water Swimmer event.

Glendalough valley was carved out by a glaciers during the ice age which formed the two lakes from which Glendalough gets its name.


Irish Mythology

In Irish mythology, Glendalough has also had an unwanted visitor in the form of a monster which lived in the upper lake. This creature was preying on the local congregation which was growing due to the popularity of Saint Kevin. The feeling among the people was in favour of killing the creature but Saint Kevin, an animal lover, would not let this happen. But,luckily for us, Saint Kevin entreated the creature to move to the lower lake where it lived feeding on the sickness washed from the livestock that were driven through the lakes by the locals.

Open Water Swimmer

Open Water Swimmer is an open water swimming series event management company in Ireland. Co-founder Wayne Timmons organizes an open water swim series in Lough Key, Lough Ennell, Gougane Barra and Glendalough, some of Ireland's most beautiful waterways.

2012 Schedule

Lough Key, Co Roscommon - June 16
Lough Ennell, Co Westmeath - July 21
Gougane Barra, Co Cork - August 19th
Glendalough, Co Wicklow - September 8th

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