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Greg Cello is raising funds for Gold Star Teen Adventures and is a part of the Gold Star Teen Adventure 50 KM Freedom Swim Team. Starting on 10 November and ending on 11 November 2013 (Veterans Day), he and seven other swimmers will swim a 24-hour charity swim relay with the goal of swimming at least 50 Kilometers (31.68 miles) in 24 hours. Each swimmer will swim a minimum of four miles.

Cello has served in the United States Army for more than two years and has deployed once in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

Greg has been in competitive swimming for the past 14 years. He swam varsity in high school all four years, going to the State Competition three of those year, while also swimming for a New York State team, that competed nationally. He further pursued swimming at Providence College apart the Big East Division One Conference. Throughout his lifetime of swimming, he has participated in multiple open water swims. From his time in College and after joining the Army, Greg has ran in races ranging from 5k to a marathon. While in college, he competed in the Army 10-Miler as a member of the Providence College team.


[edit] 50KM Freedom Swim for Gold Star Teen Adventures

50KM Freedom Swim for Gold Star Teen Adventures is a 50 km (31.68 mile) charity swim by 8 American open water swimmers in Islamorada, Florida. The charity swim relay will start on 10 November and end 11 November 2013 with the goal of swimming at least 50 km and each swimmer swimming a minimum of 4 miles off of the Florida Keys. Gold Star Teen Adventures provides adventure camps to the surviving youth of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The vision is to enable healing, foster enduring relationships, and develop character and leadership skills.

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