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Guila Muir, founder of Say Yes To Life

Guila owns and runs Say Yes To Life Swims LLC. This Seattle-based business provides open-water Swim Excursions from May to October, in some of the most beautiful locales in the Northwest United States. Swim Excursion participants range from triathletes, pool swimmers trying open water swimming for the first time, and even Olympic-level competitors. Swim Excursions include safety kayak accompaniment, use of a changing cabana and special CoreWarmers, plus delicious hot chocolate and snacks after the swim. Camaraderie and joy motor these events, and the ratio of swimmers to kayaks never exceeds 6:1.

Guila learned how to swim at age 46. Since then, she has swum from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco ten times, and in 2011, Guila swam a 5 km (no wetsuit) in Alaska’s Sitka Sound. In 2013, she swam a 10k in San Francisco Bay, and has participated in dozens of other open water events. She swims "skin" year-round in the Pacific Northwest with a small group of equally crazy friends. Puget Sound temperatures hover in the mid-forties (F) for months, and the air temperature often falls to the upper 20's during the winter.

Guila is also principal of Guila Muir and Asso­ciates, a Seattle-based firm specializing in developing professionals’ facilitation, presentation and training skills. Since 1983, Guila has trained thousands of people on an international level. She has also worked as an adjunct professor in Seattle University’s Graduate School of Education.

Her book, “Instructional Design That Soars: Shaping What You Know Into Classes That Inspire,” was published in February 2013. Guila sees strong parallels between the creativity, technicality and pure physicality of open water swimming and the art of teaching.

2014 Say Yes! to Life Swim Series

The 2014 Say Yes! to Life Swim Series in the State of Washington includes the following open water swims:

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