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Hadar Aviram, professor of law and marathon swimmer
Hadar Aviram is an Israeli-American marathon swimmer from San Francisco, California. A 39-year-old member of the South End Rowing Club and University of San Francisco Masters, she completed a lengthwise crossing of the Sea of Galilee (13-mile long swim), participated in the 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim (DNF at Mile 18 - shoulder injury), and completed the 2012 Portland Bridge Swim, the 3 Seas in 3 Days event, the U.S. Masters Swimming 10 km Open Water Swimming Championship (Applegate Lake), a 6 km Kinneret Crossing and numerous successful shorter swims and Alcatraz crossings.



Professional Career

Prior to joining the UC Hastings faculty as a law professor in 2007, Aviram practiced as a military defense attorney in the Israel Defense Forces for five years, completed her M.A. in Criminology at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her Ph.D. in UC Berkeley's Jurisprudence and Social Policy program, where she studied as a Fulbright Fellow and a Regents Intern, and taught at Tel Aviv University. Professor Aviram’s research focuses on the criminal justice system and examines policing, courtroom practices, and broad policy decisions through social science perspectives. Her methodology often combines quantitative, qualitative and experimental tools. Professor Aviram’s most recent projects and publications, including her forthcoming book Cheap on Crime: Recession-Era Politics and the Transformation of American Punishment (University of California Press) analyze the impact of the financial crisis on the American correctional landscape and on California corrections in particular. She co-chairs the Hastings Institute for Criminal Justice and runs the California Correctional Crisis blog.

Lengthwise Crossing of the Sea of Galilee

On 21 December 2013, Aviram completed a solo lengthwise crossing of the Sea of Galilee, swimming the 21 km (13-mile) course north to south, from Amnon Beach to Tzemach Beach in 64ºF (17.7ºC) water under channel rules. The swim took 9 hours 30 minutes. Aviram used the swim to fundraise for Beth Dror, Israel's only LGBT youth shelter.

Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

Aviram competed in the 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim on 20 April 2013 with the following competitors:

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