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Harry Yates, namesake of the Harry Yates Memorial Swim
Harry Yates was a great Atlantic City Beach Patrol Captain and part of the 1936 national lifeguard championship team from Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was known as the "best oarsman Atlantic City Beach as ever known" and the number one lifeguard at Atlantic City where he guarded the beach from 1915-1963. He was best known for rowing a 500-pound lifeboat through rough seas to rescue swimmers.

He also became the namesake of the Yates Swim (Harry Yates Memorial Swim), a one-mile swim in Atlantic City, New Jersey sponsored by the Atlantic City Beach Patrol, annually held in August and started in 1971.

Atlantic City Beach Patrol Double Row Champions

1940 Captain Harry Yates & Charles Yates
1939 Captain Harry Yates & Charles Yates
1937 Captain Harry Yates & Charles Yates
1936 Captain Harry Yates & Charles Yates
1934 Captain Harry Yates & Charles Yates
1932 Captain Harry Yates & Charles Yates
1931 Captain Harry Yates & Charles Yates
1926 Harry Yates & Jack Woodworth
1925 Harry Yates & Jack Woodworth
1924 Harry Yates & Jess Bates
1923 Harry Yates & Jess Bates

Harry Yates Memorial Swim

Held at Albany Ave. & the Atlantic City beach. Swimmers start the race on the beach, then enter the water, swim towards a turn flag, swim parallel to the beach, turn at the next flag swimming towards the beach. The finish chute is on the beach. The direction of the course will be determined by the conditions of the race day.

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