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Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge
The Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge is a 5-day open water swimming stage race held in five separate lakes near Austin, Texas, U.S.A. The race is traditionally held in mid-October 20th and consists of the Monster Challenge, a one-mile Mini-Challenge and single-stage swims. It is hosted and organized by the American Swimming Association under the direction of Dr. Keith Bell and Sandy Neilson-Bell.

The Monster Challenge consists of five open water swimming races averaging three miles each day for five consecutive days. The final placing is determined by the cumulative time for all five stages. The total distance is 15.6 miles with the expected water temperature between 25.5-26.6°C (78-80°F)

It was named one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.


Stage 1 on Day 1 is in Lake Buchanan.
Stage 2 on Day 2 is in Inks Lake.
Stage 3 on Day 3 is in in Lake LBJ.
Stage 4 on Day 4 is in Lake Marble Falls.
Stage 5 on Day 5 is in Lake Travis.

Each day's stage race begins at 9:00 am. No wetsuits are allowed. The water temperature

The Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge also offers a three-stage Weekend Warrior option. Instead of the five-stage Monster Challenge, swimmers can participate in the last three stages.

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