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The Horn of Seward (Bailey Peninsula) is part of the Seward Park and a forested peninsula off south Seattle that juts into Lake Washington in the state of Washington. It is site of the Circumnavigate Seward #1.


Seward Park

Within the Seattle city limits, Seward Park has 300 acres of beautiful forest land, home to eagles' nests, old growth forest, bike, jogging and walking paths, an amphitheater, a native plant garden, an art studio, Audubon Center, miles of hiking trails, shoreline, and beaches. The Seward Park Center’s mission is to inspire exploration, discovery, and stewardship of the natural world through programs that promote healthy, sustainable communities.

Circumnavigate Seward

Circumnavigate Seward #1 and Circumnavigate Seward #2 are 2.4-mile excursion swims in Seattle's Seward Park in the state of Washington. It is part of the Say Yes To Life excursion swimming series held in the state of Washington, hosted by Guila Muir. It is one of the 13 Say Yes To Life's swim excursions that fit the schedules and ability levels of all open water swimmers and triathletes.

Swim Excursions for 2013

1. Animals Only: 0.5-mile swim on 26 May.
2. Jellyfish Dodge: 1-mile swim in Puget Sound on 29 May.
3. Agua Fresca 1.2 Mile Challenge: 1.2-mile swim in Lake Washington on 8 June.
4. Agua Fresca 2.4 Mile Challenge: 2.4-mile swim in Lake Washington on 8 June.
5. Wednesday Evening Adventure: 1.2-mile swim in Seattle on 26 June.
6. Wednesday Evening Sprint: 0.5-mile swim on 10 July.
7. Circumnavigate Seward #1: 2.4-mile swim around the Horn of Seward (Bailey Peninsula) on 11 July.
8. Challenge Day Expedition: 3-mile Adventure swim outside Seattle on 27 July.
9. Circumnavigate Seward #2: 2.4-mile swim around the Horn of Seward (Bailey Peninsula) on TBD.
10. Sprint Distance Challenge: 0.5-mile swim on 4 August.
11. Lago Amado Tour: 1-mile swim on 5 October.
12. Autumn at Alki: 1-mile swim on 13 October.
13. Ocean Madness: 1.2-mile swim on 19 October.

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