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The Horsetooth Open Water Swim is a multi-race event in the Horsetooth Reservoir in Larimer County, Colorado, U.S.A. held in August and organized by Joe Bakel and George Thorton. It is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.

The event is hosted by the Team Fort Collins and includes youth swims (250 yards and 1000 yards), 1.2-mile race, 2.4-mile and a 10 km marathon swim. The 10 km marathon swim starts at Satanka Cove at the north end and finishes at the South Bay swim beach. The 2.4 mile, the 1.2 mile and the youth swims start and finish at the South Bay swim beach.

The Horsetooth Open Water Swim are sanctioned by United States Masters Swimming and USA Swimming and was started by Oliver Turner in 1999.


[edit] 10 km Marathon Swim Information

This race runs the length of Horsetooth Reservoir. Swimmers (and paddlers) will start at Satanka Bay (north end) and swim to South Bay swim beach. The start will be in the water. The finish will be out of the water, on the beach.

Eligibility: The 10 km marathon swim event is open to all United States Masters Swmming (USMS) registered swimmers and any USA Swimming (USAS) registered swimmer at least 13 years of age as of race day. USMS swimmers who have not previously completed the Horsetooth 10K Swim are required to obtain approval prior to registration from George Thornton or Joe Bakel by describing their past experience in long distance open water swimming and how they will prepare to swim 10K at approximately 5400 feet (1700 meters) in 62 to 70° F (16 to 21°C) water. We require approval for safety reasons. See the FAQ for description of the challenges of this event. Describe how you will meet these challenges.

USAS swimmers (ages 13 and above) in the 10K have additional requirements:

1. Without stopping, with the exception of feeding,
2. In open water with water temperatures colder then 70°F,
3. Fill out and submit an Open Water Log Sheet of the swim

What do they plan to do to prepare for the race? USAS swimmers should contact Joe Bakel of their intent to swim as soon as possible. The swimmer should submit all the requirements for approval before registering for the the swim. With committee approval, a USAS swimmer may register before completing the qualifying open water swim but the registration fee is non-refundable. If the swimmer does not complete the qualifying swim and associated paperwork, they will not be allowed to swim.

[edit] Rules

Swimmers must wear the race swim cap. All USMS Long Distance rules apply. Exceptions and clarifications are listed below:

[edit] Awards

Finisher certificates will be given to all finishers. First, second and third place men and women will receive a trophy. A traveling trophy, The Turner Cup, is awarded to the first man and first woman finisher.

[edit] Schedule

Saturday, August 6, 2011 (Swimmers & Paddlers):

5:00 pm - Check in for all swimmers and paddlers 5:30 pm - Dinner (All swimmers and paddlers must be checked in by 5:30 pm!) 6:00 to 7:00 pm - Orientation, safety overview, updates and instructions

Sunday, August 7, 2011:

5:00 am - Buses start loading at south end swim beach 5:30 am - Buses leave south end swim beach with swimmers and paddlers 6:00 am - Buses arrive at north end, Satanka Cove, boats loaded, swimmers are body marked and check in. 6:30 am Paddler and Swimmer Meetings (final update on race rules and conditions) 6:45 am Paddlers enter water and move into place 6:50 am Swimmers may enter water for warm-up 7:00 am Race start from the north end Satanka Cove

Pledge Program: A portion of the The Team Fort Collins Horsetooth Open Water Swim registration fee is just one of the ways Team Fort Collins raises money to fund programming. We need your help to raise even more funds. Please check the pledge option when you register online, and help us continue to the fight against drug and alcohol abuse.

[edit] 2.4-mile Race Details

This race is an out-and-back from the South Bay swim beach. The course will start on the beach, go 1.2 miles out, turn around a buoy and return finishing out of the water, on the beach.

[edit] 1.2-mile Race Details

This race is an out-and-back from the South Bay swim beach. The course will start on the beach, go 0.6 miles out, turn around a buoy and return finishing out of the water, on the beach.

[edit] Youth Race Details

All youth races will be out-and-back from the South Bay swim beach. The course will start on the beach, out to a buoy and return finishing out of the water, on the beach.

[edit] Eligibility

1000 Yard Swim: USA Swimming (USAS) registered swimmers between the ages of 10 and 18. United States Masters Swimming registered swimmers or those USAS swimmers older than 18 years of age are not elegible to swim this events.

250 Yard Swim: for USA Swimming (USAS) registered swimmers at least 8 years old and not older than 10 years old as race day. Rules

No wetsuits are allowed for either the 1000 yard or 250 yard swims. Female suits may have shoulders with short sleeves. Male swimmers may not wear "tops" and their jammers may extend to just above the knee.

[edit] Contact

Name Joe Bakel or George Thorton


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