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Natalie du Toit is a personable ambassador of the sport
Natalie du Toit, a finalist in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim

Follow these 8 steps:

Step 1: enter special:upload in the Search box in the upper right corner

Step 2: Click on Choose file

Step 3: Select your photo from your hard drive. The permitted file types include png, gif, jpg, jpeg, and pdf

Step 4: Click on Upload file

Step 5: Copy-and-paste file name (e.g., File:Joanna Cain.jpg) in the body of the desired Openwaterpedia entry in the following format:
[[File:Joanna Cain.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Joanna Cain, BSN, BA, RN]]

Step 6: If you wish to decrease or increase the size of the photo, change the recommended 300px

Step 7: If you wish to change the position of the photo, change right to left

Step 8: If you wish to rename the caption of the photo, change the last part of the format

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