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Ingrid Loos Miller
Ingrid Loos Miller is a renowned author and USA Triathlon Certified Coach and Ironman Series author who teaches swim-safe adults how to deal with the things that make open water swimming a challenge.

Her Fearless Swimming Clinics are held throughout the year in Southern California.

The curriculum is based upon the book Fearless Swimming For Tri-athletes (Meyer & Meyer) and provides practical tools to calm the body and mind in order to get the most out of open water swimming.

3-hour Fearless Swimming Clinic With Wetsuit Demo

If swim-safe adults can swim in the pool, renowned author and speaker Ingrid takes their swimming to the next level. The clinics are not practice swims. Rather they are learning-intensive courses that teach staying calm in the open water especially during an open water swim or triathlon swim.

Ingrid covers swimming deep and murky water, managing panic attacks, hyperventilation, mass start, seasickness and much more. The 90-minute lecture focuses heavily on anxiety management strategies and ways to build skills in the pool and in open water.

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