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The Nova Masters Swimming Program is a registered United States Masters Swimming club in Orange County, California with numerous triathletes, open water swimmers and multi-sport endurance athletes. Members are 18 and up, and swimmers vary in ability from novice to Masters World Champions in USMS.



Coaching & Program Philosophy

At the Nova Masters, head coach Michael Collins feels technique improvement is the quickest way to get faster and more efficient.

Nova Satellite Membership Option

If you are a coach or swimmer, who lives far away or does not have the ability to make it to our practices, but you would like to receive our monthly practices via email, then please consider becoming a “Satellite Member.”

Video of Alternative Open Water Swimming Set

Triple Crown

The Nova Masters does it own version of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and 100x100s (one hundred one hundreds) with its Triple Crown pool swimming sets.

Under the leadership of Coach Michael Collins, the Nova Masters swimmers do a Triple Crown during the American holiday season. The three swims are as follows:

Nova Masters Triple Crown pool swimming set

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