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noun - The longfin mako shark (Isurus paucus) is a species of mackerel shark with a probable worldwide distribution in temperate and tropical waters. An uncommon species, it has a better-known relative, the shortfin mako shark. The longfin mako is found in moderately deep water, having been reported to a depth of 220 m (720 ft).

Growing to a maximum length of 4.3 m (14 ft), longfin mako sharks are predators that feed on small schooling bony fishes and cephalopods.

Widely scattered records suggest that the longfin mako shark has a worldwide distribution in tropical and warm-temperate oceans; the extent of its range is difficult to determine due to confusion with the shortfin mako shark. In the Atlantic Ocean, it is known from the Gulf Stream off the east coast of the United States, Cuba, and southern Brazil in the west, and from the Iberian Peninsula to Ghana in the east, possibly including the Mediterranean Sea and Cape Verde. In the Indian Ocean, it has been reported from the Mozambique Channel. In the Pacific Ocean, it occurs off Japan and Taiwan, northeastern Australia, a number of islands in the Central Pacific northeast of Micronesia, and southern California.

The most distinctive features of this apex predator are its large pectoral fins. The longfin mako is the larger of the two mako sharks and the second-largest species in its family (after the Great White Shark), reaching upwards of 2.5 m (8.2 ft) in length and weighing over 70 kg (150 lb); females grow larger than males. The largest reported longfin mako was a 4.3 m (14 ft) long female caught off Pompano Beach, Florida, in February 1984. There are 12–13 tooth rows on either side of the upper jaw and 11–13 tooth rows on either side of the lower jaw. The teeth are large and knife-shaped, without serrations or secondary cusps; the outermost teeth in the lower jaw protrude prominently from the mouth.

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