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Jackie Cobell's Route Across The English Channel
Country: England

Age: 56

Swim: English Channel

Direction: England to France

Time: 28:44:00 (slowest successful solo one-way swim across the English Channel - see course map on right)

Date: 2010

Jackie Cobell of Great Britain, a member of the Half Century Club holds the record for the slowest successful one-way swim across the English Channel. As a 56-year-old, Jackie's England to France crossing in 2010 took 28 hours and 44 minutes. Her charity swim raised money for Huntington's Disease Association.

Her humility, grit, determination and sheer will power were something to see. "It was quite cold. It got very tiring at the end. But I kept driving myself because I really wanted to achieve it, not only for myself, but also for my friends and family as well. I did it to get fit, but I would like to do it for charity, namely Huntington Disease. I trained for five years. I wore my shoulders out. I would do it again, but perhaps I would also like to do something different. Like the Alcatraz Swim."


Television Reports on Jackie Cobell

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