Jamie’s Swim Camp III, The Lake Tahoe Edition

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Lexie Kelly training in Lake Tahoe
Jamie’s Swim Camp III, The Lake Tahoe Edition is an open water swimming camp hosted by Jamie Patrick in Lake Tahoe between 8-11 August 2013.

Jamie Patrick

Patrick is a business leader, a family man and endurance athlete, completed an unprecedented 111-mile, 31-hour charity swim in 2011 down the Sacramento River in northern California. He was nominated for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year and the creator of the Adventure Swim Contest and host of Jamie's Swim Camp and Jamie’s Swim Camp III, The Lake Tahoe Edition. He is also one of the founding members of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society and is co-organizing the Myrtle Huddleston Honorary Swim in Lake Tahoe. He completed the first double-crossing of Lake Tahoe in 2010, done in a wetsuit.

His swims were subject of a documentary produced and broadcast by Universal / NBC. His 68-mile solo nonstop wetsuit adventure swim, called the Tahoe 360 was the subject of a feature documentary filmed by Mike Madden and produced by Lara Popyack.

He also completed a crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar in 3 hours 42 minutes together with Jen Schumacher, Oliver Wilkinson and Darren Miller doing a 4-wide.

World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year

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