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Jamie's Swim Camp is an open water swim camp held on May 17-20 at Hidden Valley Lake in northern California about an hour and forty five minutes from San Francisco. Jamie's Swim Camp Lake Tahoe Edition in 2013 will be held in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The camps were founded by Jamie Patrick.


Base Camp

Base camp is called The Cottage, a small home across the street from the lake, perfect for training.


A full circle around the lake is approximatley 1.2 miles.


There aree three options for sleeping:
1. First come first serve. There are 10 spots on beds and couches.
2. Sleep on the decks under the stars.
3. Local hotel within 4 miles from the Cottage.

Swim Schedule

There are two organized open water swims a day, including a nighttime swim. Participants can swim as much or as little as possible. One swim will be 5 miles, done at Clearlake with a support boat.

Water Temperature

Expected water temperatures are between 65-69°F (18-20°C).


The goal is to leave camp in better shape than you came. We will continue the tradition of our night time swim. Fun was had by all.


US$15 per person per day that will cover all food and drink including catered dinners (meat or vegetarian) and breakfast and lunch

Visitors and Guests

Families and dogs are welcome.

Camp Director

Jamie Patrick

External links

Introduction Video

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