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Jarrett Tishmack is an American open water swimmer who completed the first crossing of the 15 km Statia Channel from St. Kitts to St. Eustatius in 4 hours 40 minutes on 1 November 2012. Statia Channel is located between Sint Eustatius, known as Statia and formerly as the Golden Rock, and St. Kitts in the Windward Islands of the north eastern Dutch Caribbean.

He has also crossed the Maui Channel in 2011, and is planning to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar in 2013.

Tishmack is the Director of Field Programs of the Conservation Cooperative in Colorado. As a graduate of Colorado State University Forestry program and nearly lifelong resident of Fort Collins, he has continually complemented his devotion to the outdoors with his attention to environmental conservation. He has worked seasonally as a firefighter and field technician for the U.S. Forest service for the past six years including authoring a research note on mountain pine beetle emergence patterns. He currently sits on the Larimer County Environmental Advisory Board and plans to continue his mission of public service. As a member of the American Alpine Club, he has traveled on numerous occasions abroad to complete technical ascents of remote mountains.


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