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JC Malick wearing the prestigious International Ice Swimming Association jacket
Jason Malick or JC Malick
JC Malick in Coney Island
JC Malick San Francisco
, born of Jean and Jeffrey Malick and the youngest of five boys of Wilmington, Delaware had an affinity for water from the very beginning as his parents always had a summer home along the banks of a river or bay. He is a member of the International Ice Swimming Association and works for Endless Pools.

Early on, until the age of 12, JC was advised by his parents that he was not able to take showers indoors and had to bathe in the Mullica River in Sweetwater, New Jersey (south central New Jersey) along with a bar of ivory soap and a bottle of Pert (both of which would float). This early indoctrination into water, although at first murky and iron clad, led to a passionate pursuit of swimming open water and being immersed whenever possible.

After selling their home in Sweetwater, Malick’s family purchased a house in Avalon, New Jersey (along the coast of the Jersey shore) and currently reside there bay side. JC is able to jump off the family’s back dock and train in a true “endless pool” with saltwater and marine life.

Aside from training in the back bays and Atlantic Ocean, JC works for Aston, Pennsylvania’s Endless Pools that makes the 'treadmill for swimmers' that produces a counter current to which athletes can swim against. Of working at Endless Pools, Malick stated, "It’s a great training aide and mimics open water swimming in the best freshwater, chlorinated way! Best of all, no flipturns required! I hope to introduce the product to the open water world as it is a phenomenal training tool to have in one’s arsenal!"


Cape Circumnavigation Challenge

He is also the founder and race director of C3, the Cape Circumnavigation Challenge, a 15.1-mile (24.3 km) marathon swim around Cape May, New Jersey.

Marathon Swims


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