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Jason Moody, one of the principals of Regetta Timing at the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships
FinishLynx® high-speed cameras
Jason Moody was the founder and president of Powerhouse Timing, and currently a principal at Regetta Timing, a timing company that specializes in rowing, cross country and open water swimming events. Powerhouse Timing uses transponders, floating pontoons, proprietary computing systems and FinishLynx® high-speed cameras to help the officials judge the proper finish of the athletes - who often come in large packs barreling to the in-the-water finish at open water swimming competitions.

Moody and his team at Powerhouse Timing and now at Regetta Timing have conducted timing at the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships, the 2010 FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships and Traversee Internationale du Lac St-Jean among other events.

Regetta Timing

Regetta Timing's staff has competed at all levels, worked regattas in a variety of capacities and, most especially, timed and managed events of all sizes and levels. Whether it is rowing, paddling or open water swimming, Regetta Timing uses first-rate equipment and technology to provide accurate timing and results.

Regetta Timing has provided its services at the rowing, open water swimming, canoe/kayak USA Olympic Trials and Selection events, National Championships: Youths, Elites, Clubs and Masters for rowing, open water swimming, and canoe/kayak, International Level Annual Rowing Competition with over 7,000 athletes, National Level Collegiate and Conference Championships, USA Canoe/Kayak Selection and National Championships, USA Swimming Trials and Open Water Championships, 6th FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships, and the 2010 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix event.

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