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noun - The Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club (JLDSC) is located on the isle of Jersey and is affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association SER, British Long Distance Swimming Association and the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation. It is touted as "Possibly; the best little swimming club in the world". It is managed by Sally Anne Minty-Gravett as its President and Charlie Gravett as its Vice President.

Club swims

The Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club meets every Tuesday during the summer months on the Slip at St Catherine’s Breakwater.

Notable Swims in 2012

English Channel by Wendy Trehiou in 15 hours 0 minutes

Round Jersey by Goerwaat Oplinis (Belgium) in 10 hours 11 minutes (wetsuit), Lisa Biddlecombe (Jersey) in 12 hours 33 minutes, Katherine Lowe (Jersey) in 9 hours 58 minutes, Alexia O’Mara (UK) in 10 hours 24 minutes, Mike James (Royal Air Force) in 11 hours 9 minutes, and Rob Healey (British Army) in 11 hours 10 minutes.

Jersey to France by Chantelle Rose (Jersey) in 10 hours 17 minutes, Jenny Fitzgerald (Jersey) 9 hours 45 minutes.

Round Jersey Relays is a charity swim on behalf of Holidays for Heroes Jersey, a charity that brings wounded servicemen and their families to the Channel Island of Jersey. The 2012 Round Jersey Relays were completed by

The Medivac Rib was captained by Nick Spratley and Captain Steve Luce shuttled the press and supporters on ‘Le Duchesse du Normandie’.

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