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Jim Boucher, 2-time English Channel swimmer
Jim Boucher of the Half Century Club
James "Jim" Boucher of Guildford, Surrey, England is the oldest Irishman to swim across the English Channel with his second successful swim as a 50-year-old. He swam across the English Channel in 2007 and then joined the Half Century Club with a 16 hour 51 minute swim on 30 August 2011 as he was escorted by Lance Oram in the Sea Satin.

Boucher, swimming as part of the 3-man Hayling Legends team with Matthew Johnston and Rory Fitzgerald, completed his seventh English Channel Relay crossing in July 2012.

Other marathon swims include: 26.4 km Lake Zurich Marathon Swim in 2008 and the 17.5-mile Ederle Swim in New York City in 2012 as well as other marathon swimming relays including the Guildford Lido Legends' English Channel crossing in 2005.

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