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Joseph Locke, member of the Night Train Swimmers
Joseph Locke is a lifelong open water swimmer from the San Francisco Bay area and a member of the Night Train Swimmers. The former Harvard University water polo player (Class of 1991) attempted a traditional double-crossing of Lake Tahoe in 2011 and made another double-crossing attempt in 2012 under the governance of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society. He has completed solo crossings of the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, and the Strait of Gibraltar (4 hours 39 minutes) and is ranked 18th on the global Oceans Seven list. He has attempted two solo swims from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallon Islands, 30 miles west of San Francisco Bay before completing a crossing in 13 hours 58 minutes from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge on 12 July 2014.


Farallons Island Attempt

Locke attempted the first certified solo swim of the Farallon Islands Swimming Association.

Q1. What motivates you to swim from the Farallons to the Golden Gate Bridge? It's a good swim, not too short - great scenery.

Q2. Are you going to pace yourself or are you going to push the pace? Will keep my standard pace.

Q3. What is the biggest obstacle that you will face: cold water, rough conditions, marine life or something else? Rough conditions are the toughest - I get sea sick when I swim.

Q4. Are you excited, nervous or both? I am actually relaxed - looking forward to a couple good hours of swimming.

Catalina Channel Crossing

SF to SB Relay

Locke was also a member of the Night Train Swimmers that attempted the SF to SB Relay, the world's longest non-stop ocean relay swim attempt (339 miles or 545.4km) from San Francisco to Santa Barbara along the California coast together with Phil Cutti, Patti Bauernfeind, Dave Holscher, Kim Chambers, Zack Jirkovsky and crew Patrick Horn and Captain Vito Bialla. It was halted after 6 days due to bloom after bloom of venomous jellyfish.

Farallon Islands Attempt

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