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John Brenkus of ESPN SportScience
John Brenkus is an endurance athlete and host of ESPN SportScience, an ongoing television series that explores the science and engineering underlying athletic endeavors. He is also a triathlete who has completed the Ironman and an open water swimmer who completed the Distance Swim Challenge from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica Beach.


ESPN SportScience

The series is filmed inside a Los Angeles airport hangar or on location using a mobile laboratory. Each episode on series 1 focused on testing certain aspects of athletics (such as human flight and reaction time), while series 2 either poses more questions from previous episodes, or tries to re-analyze sporting moments or trials and tribulations, puts a human against animals or machines, or even checking against other sports or challenging the odds with data gathered using motion sensors and accelerometers. Professional athletes are featured prominently and are used to test the limits of the human body. In addition, host John Brenkus also participated in cases where an "average Joe" was required.

Sport Science was nominated for 4 Sports Emmy Awards in 2008 for Series 1, winning for Outstanding Graphic Design. Series 2 received even more accolades in 2009, being nominated for 5 Emmys and receiving 2 awards - again for Outstanding Graphic Design and also for Outstanding New Approaches in Sports Programming.


John Brenkus In The Pacific Ocean

John Brenkus swims with Alan Morelli in Manhattan Beach, California before the 12.6-mile Distance Swim Challenge.

John Brenkus Triathlon Training

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