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John DaPrato, an adventure swimmer and adventure writer from New York
John DaPrato is an open water swimmer and adventure writer from Brooklyn, New York, USA.


[edit] Marathon Swimming Career

DaPrato is the 421st swimmer to make a one way crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar (2013, non-wetsuit, one way crossing) on 16 October 2013 in 5 hours 16 minutes together with James Penrose and David Cook. He has completed other extreme swims such as the Boston Light Swim (2010), the 8.2-mile Pennock Island Challenge in Alaska (2008), the Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim (2011, and San Francisco Bay's Bridge-to-Bridge 10k Swim twice (2009 and 2010).

He has also completed many NYC Swims including the Little Red Lighthouse Swim. His swim bio and complete swimming records can be viewed @ John Daprato NYC Swim bio

[edit] Publications

His "extreme swim" essays "TO ALASKA'S DARK INSIDE PASSAGE" (2009) AND "NORTH TO THE BOSTON LIGHT" (2010) are widely published and easily accessible on the net. His poems are also widely published and many relate to the challenges of open water swimming. (links are below)

[edit] Poems by John DaPrato

[edit] External links

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