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Map of Jon Erikson's three-way crossing of the English Channel
Jon Erikson finishing his English Channel in 1969 as a 14-year-old
Jon Erikson is an American open water swimmer who was inducted in 1981 as an Honour Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and inducted in the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2014 as an Honor Open Water Swimmer. He joined his father Ted Erikson in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame who was also inducted as an Honour Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Marathon Swimming Career

• 11 English Channel crossings (4 single crossings, 2 double crossings, and 1 triple crossing)
• 31 professional marathon swims in Canada, Mexico, US, and Argentina including 5 Traversée Internationale du lac St-Jean, 3 24 Heures La Tuque and Chibougamau, Hamilton, Pasbebiac
• first crossing of Canada's Chaleur Bay
• 2 transits (from and to) of a 37-mile Chicago-Michigan City course lowering his father's 1961 time from 36-3/4 hours to 19-1/5 hours in 1980, in training for his triple crossing of the English Channel

His 36.75 miles (59 km) swim in Lake Michigan from Michigan City to Chicago, Illinois in 1971 in 24 hours 30 minutes and his triple crossing enabled him to twice join the 24-hour club.

English Channel

Erikson swam the English Channel in 11 hours 23 minutes from France to England in 1969 as the youngest swimmer at the age of 14 on 12 August 1969, trained by Rosemary George. He also did a two-way crossing of the English Channel in 1979 with his first leg as the fastest crossing of the year. He later did two English-to-France crossings in 1980 and became the first person to do a three-way crossing in 1981 with a historic 38 hour 27 minute effort; he, Alison Streeter and Philip Rush remain the only swimmers to complete a 3-way English Channel crossing. He completed a total of 8 English Channel crossings.

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