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Jonathan Knott
Jonathan Knott is a freelance journalist and keen outdoor swimmer based in London. He writes the lidos column and other features for H2Open Magazine. He writes mainly about travel and open water swimming, as well as other subjects including politics, food and drink with a particular interest in Slovenia and other Balkan countries. His work has been published by the Guardian, EasyJet Traveller, the London Evening Standard, H2Open magazine and others.

Klott is also the web content editor for the Outdoor Swimming Society and the swimming columnist for The Guardian.


Culture hub: Maribor, Slovenia (31.12.11)
Big society urban farming project goes hi-tech (7.10.11)
Ten top pubs and bars for craft beer (29.8.11)
Master strokes: wild swimming in Slovenia (27.8.11)
Insiders’ guide to Greece: Skiathos (4.6.11)
Keeping outdoor swimming afloat (15.3.11)
Britain’s lido renaissance (28.3.10)
Interview with Ahmed Imamovic, director of Belvedere 6.9.11
Join the party in London’s outdoor swimming pools (9.3.11)
The Iceman Swimmeth: winter swimming in Slovenia (Jan 12)
Knockout: Maribor vs Guimaraes (Nov 11)
Getting their priorities straight: government research cuts (May 2011)
Order! Order! Politics and opinion research (Feb 2011)
Self preservation society: London’s cold water swimmers
Lido life July 2011: how do you pronounce ‘lido’?
Lido life June 2011: how lidos benefit communities
Lido life April 2011: art and architecture
Lido life February 2011: lido history
Ancient wisdom – Why study Classics?
Skiathos Truth: online travel guide to Skiathos
Taking the plunge (July 2011
) Antarctica: how you can visit the frozen continent
Travelling in war zones
Interview with explorer Mike Laird
Stoke Newington spearheads Beer revolution
Restaurant review: Abi Ruchi
Restarant review: Su Sazzagoni
Restaurant review: Sariyer Balik
Restaurant review: Anh Dao
Restaurant review: Punjab 58
Book review: How I escaped my certain fate, by Stewart Lee
Book review: Rain on the Pavements, by Roland Camberton
Art: Rudolph Lindo, pantomime
‘Love your lido’
The Oasis
The Serpentine
Uxbridge lido
Pub review: The Auld Shillelagh
Pub review: the Jolly Butchers
Pub review: the Dove
Cafe Review: Look mum no hands!
The ‘Going going bike’ launch
Idris Elba backs fight for Peace Academy
Wild swimming in Somerset
Martin Strel: Big River Man
Cold Water Community: South London Swimming Club
Nothing Great is Easy: Captain Webb
Open Water Champion: Dan Bullock
Profile: Colin Hill
Profile: Lord Byron
Profile: London Fields Triathlon Club
Profile: Outdoor Swimming Society

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