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Coach Josh Tooley provides training that’s “back to basics, with a twist.” The basics include a focus on core movement; the twist is how Coach Josh provides each client with a custom-designed workout based on the client’s goals and abilities. Through their work with Josh, clients often find that they achieve fitness goals beyond what they imagine.

Coach Josh uses creativity to ensure productivity; he specializes in designing “out-of-the-box” training. That’s how Josh helped prepare Jim for the swim across the St. Johns—using boxing gloves, a garden hose, a tractor tire, and a park’s jungle gym.

In his spare time, Josh trains and competes as a professional mixed martial arts fighter and boxer.

The St. Johns Riverkeeper mission is to work on behalf of the community for clean and healthy waters in the St. Johns River, its tributaries and its wetlands, through citizen-based advocacy. Learn more here - St.Johns Riverkeeper Website

SASJ provides a vehicle for awareness and a platform for the St. Johns Riverkeeper to air the pressing issues. Learn more here - Swim Across the St. Johns River

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