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Julian Crabtree
Julian Crabtree is a South African extreme sports adventurer, former Navy Divers Unit, and open water swimmer who completed the unprecedented 43-mile Great Swim Challenge at the Great Swim Series. His motto, "Dare. Explore. Discover." sums up his lifestyle and philosophy. He is a freelance writer and journalist living in London.

Crabtree was third person to compete the Serum Run, a 1100 mile run across the Alaskan wilderness. He became the third person to do the Enduroman Arch to Arc, a 289-mile triathlon from Marble Arch, London to the Arc de Triomphe, Paris that includes running 87 miles from the centre of London to the Dover coast, swimming the English Channel and then cycling 180 miles from Calais to Paris. He became the first person to swim all the waves of the British Gas Great Swim series, a total of 43 miles.

He is also an ice swimmer who competed at the Big Chill Swim Salford in England on 7 December 2013. The Big Chill Swim Salford is part of the Big Chill Swim Series held in The Quays where a 24m beginner fun swim, 4x24m team relay, competitive 24m, 48m, endurance 456m races are held.


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