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Kelvin Webster is a marathon swimmer from the United States of America who completed his English Channel swim in 12 hours 31 minutes. He was awarded the Belhedi Trophy due to his crossing on a 6.53 meter tide.

The Belhedi Trophy

The Belhedi Trophy is an award given out by the Channel Swimming Association to commemorate the efforts of the swimmer swimming under the who successfully conquers the [[English Channel on the highest tide each year.

The Belhedi Trophy is a permanent reminder of Tunisia’s first English Channel swimmer, Nejib Belhedi and his courageous swim in 1993 when he was the fastest swimmer on the highest tide of the year 6.75 meters. The main purpose of The Belhedi Trophy is to promote the marathon swimming in Tunisia as its relates to attempted swims across the English Channel.


The 2008 recipient was American Kelvin Webster who completed his swim on a 6.53 meter tide in 12 hours 31 minutes.

The 2009 recipient was American Anthony Zamora who completed his swim on a 6.93 meter tide in 16 hours 8 minutes.

The 2010 recipient was Czech Lenka Sterbova who completed her swim on a 7.08 meter tide in 9 hours 22 minutes.


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