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Benjamin Schulte with Coach Ken Nixon at the Miami Super Challenge. Photo by Greg Schulte
Ken Nixon is an assistant coach at the Miami Swimming Club in Australia. He is formerly from Forster Aquatic in NSW where he spent 5 years as Assistant Coach and 9 years as Head Coach coaching senior swimmers. In 1996, he travelled to England where he coached on a voluntary basis. In 2006, Coach Nixon coached at the National Youth Sprint camp, the National Male Distance Camp and the Trans Tasman Team.

His career highlights include coaching a swimmer to three National Age medals in 2006 and in 2007 coaching a swimmer who qualified for the Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championship team. He also cites being part of the Miami team at the 2007 National Age Championships in Perth and the Pro-Ma Miami team in Brisbane in 2008. He coaches the State and National Junior squads as well as Olympic marathon swimming 10km finalist Benjamin Schulte from Guam.

[edit] Olympic Swimmer

Benjamin Schulte competed in the 2012 FINA Olympic 10km Marathon Swimming Qualifier in Setubal Bay, Portugal and was invited to the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim at the 2012 London Olympics.

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