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Boneyards, site of the Shell Festival Sea Swim in South Africa. Photo by Clive Wright.
Kevin Grey is a South African open water swimmer who competed in the first annual 2.5 km Shell Festival Sea Swim, a 2.5 km swim through Boneyards at Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Province of South Africa.

Kevin is also a renowned South African Iron Man who has completed a Kona Ironman triathlon in sub 10 hours.

He has completed the 8 K Nelson Bay Bell Buoy Challenge, as well as the 5 K Shipwreck swim in Cape Town in 11 degree water on 2 December 2012. he also completed the 4 K Jeffreys Bay Swim Challenge, a swim that takes place along the surf breaks in Jefreys Bay. He also won the 7.5 km JBay Swim Classic in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

2012 Shell Festival Sea Swim results

1. PJ Duffey and Siegfried Lokotsch: 38:05
3. Buff van Westenbrugge: 41:30
4. Caro de Jager: 41:35
5. Kevin Grey: 41:45
6. Rebecca Newman: 46:21
7. Richden Jute: 46:25
8. Ralph West: 51:35
9. Kendal Wright: 55:35
10. Isabeau Joubert: 1:01:35
11. Brenton Williams (butterfly) 1:01:40
12. Rebecca Baard: 1:01:55

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