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Kieran Fitzgerald is a marathon swimmer from Sligo, Ireland who has completed the following swims including 2 of the 7 Oceans Seven challenges. He is also one of the organisers of the 2013 Irish Marathon Swim Series:

1. English Channel: 15 hours 23 minutes, from England-France in 57.2°F (14°C), 31 years old on 26th September, 1994
2. Strait of Gibraltar: 7 hours 6 minutes, from Spain to Morocco in 19°C, 34 years old on 12th August 1997
3. Manhattan Island Marathon Swim: 8 hours 26 minutes in 18-19°C, 35 years old on 13th July 1998
4. Rottnest Channel Swim: 7 hours 23 minutes 32 seconds in 20°C, 39 years old in February 2002

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