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noun - Orca is the New Zealand-based creator and developer of cutting edge sports apparel, born out of athletes’ success in the grueling and technically advanced sport of triathlon. Orca, established in 1992, produces products such as wetsuits for the triathlon and swimming markets.


Killer Whales

This is not to be confused with the marine mammals, Orcas or Killer Whales.

noun - Orca is a type of whale commonly referred to as killer whales.


ORCA or Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus is a sonic camouflage device designed to keep sharks away from humans.

Orca Athletes

Orca's sponsored triathletes include

Emma Moffatt (AUS), the 2009 and 2010 ITU World Champion
Courtney Atkinson (AUS), ITU World Cup Winner, Olympian, Australian Sprint Triathlon Champion
William Trubridge, Freediving World Record Holder - Constant Weight No Fins 100m
Chris McCormack (AUS), 2007 and 2010 Ironman World Champion and 5 x Ironman Australia Champion
Vicky Holland (UK), 8th 2010 ITU World Championship Series
Jodie Stimpson (UK), 1st Junior Women 2006 ITU Aquathlon World Champs and 2nd Under 23 2009 ETU Youth Triathlon
Sky Draper (UK), 2010 BTA Junior Female Triathlete of the Year
Raynard Tissink (South Africa), 2010 Ironman South Africa Champion and 5th 2010 Ironman World Championships

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