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Pedro Rego Monteiro, founder of Effect Sport and producer of King and Queen of the Sea
Elite athletes of the Desafio Rei e Rainha do Mar, produced by Pedro Rego Monteiro of Effect Sport
The King and Queen of the Sea (Rei e Rainha do Mar in Portuguese) is a three-stage professional and amateur open water swim series held in Copacabana Beach, Arpoador Beach and Leme in Brazil. The third stage on Copacabana Beach is broadcast live in Brazil on TV Globo.

The event is produced by Pedro Rego Monteiro of Effect Sport and is a charity swim on behalf of the Pro Crianca Cardiaca Foundation that runs the Hospital Pro Criansa Jutta Batista in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Well Organized and TV-Friendly

The administrators of this event intentionally made it as TV-friendly as possible. For example, they shortened the course and increased the number of laps to achieve the same distance while making it easier for TV coverage. From start lines to bleachers on the sand, they also set TV cameras on high cranes on the beach and arm scuba divers with cameras in the water to catch all the action.</font> They put the feeding stations on the soft sand beach so the athletes have to hustle out of the water and run past the cheering crowds and pulsating music by Zero Calibre who created the event’s theme song.

A Landmark Event in the Sport of Open Water Swimming

Rei do Mar (King of the Sea) and Rainha do Mar (Queen of the Sea) is an outstanding series in Brazil organized by EffectSport. The series includes 2K amateur races for swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. The series also includes world-class competitions among some of the fastest marathon swimmers in the world.

Showcases the Sport of Open Water Swimming

The King and Queen of the Sea Light Circuit and Challenge are really stirring things up on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pedro Rego Monteiro and Virgilio de Castilho of Effect Sport envisioned and created the King and Queen of the Sea competition and came up with innovative practical solutions to showcasing the sport of open water swimming.

Athlete Safety a Priority

The King and Queen of the Sea open water swimming event in Brazil raises the standard for the sport in terms of spectator convenience, media coverage and -- most importantly -- the safety of the athletes.

Grid Race

The King and Queen of the Sea popularized the grid race, a preliminary race to a professional open water swimming competition. Winning a grid race enables a swimmer to be placed in the first pole position during the main race as well as having the optimal position of their feeding station.


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