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Two-time Olympian Ky Hurst of Australia
Two-time Olympian Ky Hurst of Australia
Ky Hurst, Australian Olympian
Ky Hurst
Ky Hurst, Hall of Fame Surf Lifesaver
Ky Hurst (born 1981 in Nambour, Queensland) is a two-time Australian Olympic open water swimmer (2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics) and one of the most renowned Ironman (surf lifesaving) in Australian history.

His work ethic combined with an unnatural affinity for the water, especially in rough conditions, have made him a special talent in the open water.

Nicknamed Killer, Hurst attended Bond University on a sporting scholarship and studied property development and business. He also competed in the third season of the television series Dancing with the Stars (Australian TV series).


[edit] International Competitions

Hurst competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics - finishing 11th in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, after qualifying fifth at the 2008 [World Open Water Swimming Championships] in Sevilla, Spain.

He also won a silver medal at the 1998 FINA World Swimming Championships in the 5K. He failed to qualify for the 1500m freestyle event at the 2004 Athens Olympics placing 3rd at the Australian Olympic Trials.

Hurst finished 20th in the 2012 London Olympics Olympic 10K Marathon Swim by virtue of this 5th place finish at the 2011 FINA World Championships.

He won the State Sand To Surf in Mount Maunganui, round five of the 2012-2013 State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series as well as the overall 2012-2013 State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series for which he received $20,000.

[edit] 2012 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Results

1. Oussama Mellouli of Tunisia - 1:49:55.1
2. Thomas Lurz of Germany - 1:49:58.5
3. Richard Weinberger of Canada - 1:50:00.3
4. Spyridon Gianniotis of Greece - 1:50:05.3
5. Daniel Fogg of Great Britain - 1:50:37.3
6. Sergey Bolshakov of Russia - 1:50:40.1
7. Vladimir Dyatchin of Russia - 1:50:42.8
8. Andreas Waschburger of Germany - 1:50:44.4
9. Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria - 1:50:46.2
10. Alex Meyer of the USA - 1:50:48.2
11. Julien Sauvage of France - 1:50:51.3
12. Troyden Prinsloo of South Africa - 1:50:52.9
13. Erwin Maldonado of Venezuela - 1:50:52.9
14. Igor Chervynskiy of Ukraine - 1:50:56.9
15. Yasunari Hirai of Japan - 1:51:20.1
16. Brian Ryckeman of Belgium - 1:51:27.1
17. Valerio Cleri of Italy - 1:51:29.5
18. Csaba Gercsak of Hungary - 1:51:30.9
19. Arseniy Lavrentyev of Portugal - 1:51:37.2
20. Ky Hurst of Australia - 1:51:41.3
21. Ivan Enderica Ochoa of Ecuador - 1:52:28.6
22. Yuriy Kudinov of Kazakhstan - 1:52:59.0
23. Francisco Jose Hervas of Spain - 1:53:27.8
24. Mazen Aziz Metwaly of Egypt - 1:54:33.2
25. Benjamin Schulte of Guam - 2:03:35.1

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