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L.O.S.T. Race is a 3.8 km open water swimming competition held in Lake Ontario in Oakville, Ontario run by Rob Kent of L.O.S.T. Swimming. It is named as one of Canada's Top Open Water Swims.



3.8 km




City Lake Ontario, Oakville

State/County/Province Ontario

Country Canada

Region Americas


Name: Rob Kent of L.O.S.T. Swimming

Email 2:Rob Kent

Website: LOST Swimming.com

Event Information

Month: mid-August (annually)

Event Date: 8/15/2009

Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: Yes and Non-wetsuit

Charity: No


Lake Ontario near Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Start Location

From the foot of Maple Grove Drive, south of Lakeshore

Finish Location

The Lighthouse Pier at the foot of Navy Street and Sixteen Mile Creek.


Usually the 2nd Saturday in August, in 2011 it will be Aug 13.

Start Time

8:00 am… but you should be there about 45 – 60 minutes early to check in / register.


3.8 km / 2.4 mile (Ironman triathlon swim distance)

Water Temperature

usually 60ºF – 70ºF or 16ºC – 21ºC… but this is open water swimming… who knows!


Overall, Wetsuit, Naked (non-wetsuit), Male / Female.

Swim Times

The fastest time was 46:05 in 2009… and the slowest time was 2:04:00 in 2010.

Water Conditions

The first 2 years were flat as glass, sunny and warm… but in 2010 it was warm, but very choppy! Also the first year there was a current that we swam against, the second year we swam with the current and the third year it was hitting us from the side! The water is almost always quite clear, and despite the common myth Lake O is a very clean lake, particularly where we swim as the water circulates well.

Having said all that, this is open water swimming, there could be wind, waves, cold water, seaweed and fish, who knows?!… but that’s the fun of it, the challenge of the conditions. There is rarely any seaweed or fish, but it’s cool when you see a fish or a turtle… but don’t worry, there are no fresh-water sharks… oh, and there are no lines on the bottom either.

The LOST Race Results & Record Book

All-Time Records

1. Fastest ‘Overall’ – 46:05, Dylan Kent, 2009

2. Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 46:05, Dylan Kent, 2009

3. Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 55:00, Jenn Kerr, 2008

4. Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 46:58, John Steadman, 2009

5. Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 58:00, Lisa Neidrauer, 2010

6. ‘Best Value’ Swimmer – 2:04:00, Caelyn McAulay, 2010

Annual Division Winners


·Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 54:56, Andrew Taylor

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 59:37, Lynn Rodgers

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 51:45, Dylan Kent

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 58:00, Lisa Neidrauer

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 2:04:00, Caelyn McAulay


· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 46:05, Dylan Kent

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 59:30, Joanne Kent

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 46:58, John Steadman

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: 1:02:40, Maisey Kent

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 1:35:25, Christophe Walkowski


· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Man’: 49:00, Dylan Kent

· Fastest ‘Wetsuit – Woman’: 55:00, Jenn Kerr

· Fastest ‘Naked – Man’: 1:15:02, Rob Kent

· Fastest ‘Naked – Woman’: no entrants

· ‘Best Value’ Swimmer: 1:45:02, Hugh Ryder

The Other Stats

Race Day Weather Records:

· 2010, Aug 14 – 71F / 21C, very choppy, sunny, air temp 28C

· 2009, Aug 15 - 70F / 21C, flat water, sunny, air temp 28C

· 2008, Aug 9 - 60F / 16C, small waves, overcast, air temp 22C

Number of Participants:

· 2010 – 64 swimmers – 48 wetsuit, 16 naked

· 2009 - 39 swimmers - 33 wetsuit, 6 naked

· 2008 – 8 swimmers - 6 wetsuit, 2 naked

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