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Lewis Pugh finishing his 1 km swim on Lake Pumori on the Khumbu Glacier on Mt Everest in May 2010 at 5,200m altitude
Lake Pumori is a glacier lake on Mount Everett at 5200 meters (17,060 feet) above sea level.

Mt Everest - Swim for Peace

In May 2010, Lewis Pugh swam in Lake Pumori on the Khumbu Glacier on Mt Everest, to highlight the melting of the glaciers in the Himalayas and the impact the reduced water supply will have on world peace. The 1 km (0.62 mile) swim, at an altitude of 5,200 metres, in 2°C water, took 22 minutes 51 seconds to complete and was done as part of the Clinton Global Initiative.

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