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Lake Willoughby. Photo courtesy of Phil White
Lake Willoughby. Photo courtesy of Phil White
Lake Willoughby is a lake in the town of Westmore in Orleans County in the northeast section of Vermont, United States. Willoughby is a glacial lake over 300 feet (91 m) deep in places, the deepest lake entirely contained in the state. The lake's southern end is surrounded by the Willoughby State Forest. This state park includes Mount Pisgah, Mount Hor, and Bartlett Mountain. It is approximately 4.75 miles long.

The lake is known for its clarity and chilly temperature. Because of its depth, it freezes later than other lakes in the Northeast Kingdom. It is site of some Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association events including the 5-mile Willoughby Swim that has a naked division, wetsuit division, and canine division.

It was named one of America's top lake beaches by Men's Journal.

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