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Linda Kaiser, a renowned Hawaiian Islands channel swimmer and member of the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame
Linda Kaiser is a famed channel swimmer and waterwoman from Hawaii. She is the only person other than Mike Spalding who has swum all nine major channels in Hawaii, 8 as a solo swim and 1 as a relay member. She is a member of the Half Century Club and the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame (inducted August 2013).


Molokai Channel Assistance

Kaiser created a comprehensive online resource for crossing the Molokai Channel together with Bill Goding.

Channel Swimming in Hawaii

Linda has seen it all during his nine channel crossings throughout the state of Hawaii - sharks, Portuguese man o war wounds, huge surf, pounding waves, relentless sun, beautiful star-filled nights in the middle of the largest ocean in the world, tropical reefs and colorful marine life.

Channel Swimming History In Hawaii

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