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Linda Kaiser, a renowned Hawaiian Islands channel swimmer and member of the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame
Linda Kaiser is a famed channel swimmer and waterwoman from Hawaii. She is the only person other than Mike Spalding who has swum all nine major channels in Hawaii, 8 as a solo swim and 1 as a relay member. She is a member of the Half Century Club and the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame (inducted August 2013) as well as the Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame inducted in 2005.


[edit] Molokai Channel Assistance

Kaiser created a comprehensive online resource for crossing the Molokai Channel together with Bill Goding.

[edit] Channel Swimming in Hawaii

Linda has seen it all during his nine channel crossings throughout the state of Hawaii - sharks, Portuguese man o war wounds, huge surf, pounding waves, relentless sun, beautiful star-filled nights in the middle of the largest ocean in the world, tropical reefs and colorful marine life.

[edit] Channel Swimming History In Hawaii

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