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Lisa Cummins was the first Irish person, and 20th person overall, to successfully complete a two-way crossing of the English Channel. She was the second person and first woman to complete a two-way English Channel crossing without having first completed a one-way. Her 35-hour swim raised money for three charities: the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation, Marymount Hospice and Cork ARC Cancer Support House. She is a member of Sandycove Island Swim Club, Cork, Ireland and a member of the 24-hour club.

She completed the 2013 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim as well as the 26.4 km Lake Zurich Marathon Swim.

Sarah Cummins was onboard Cummin's escort boat with unique perspective of the accomplishment, "I was afforded a unique opportunity that will stay with me the rest of my life. She was amazing, kept the spirit up and was nothing but focused the whole swim. It was a pleasure to crew, she just put the head down and swam. She built up her open water swimming from nothing, just worked on endurance over 16 months."

World Records

Cummins also holds the following world open water swimming records:

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