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The Swim Across America Long Island Sound Open Water Swim is held on 27 July 2013 with a 2 km, 5 km and 10 km marathon swim under the direction of Tony Sibio. Its fundraising goal for its charity swim is US$1,300,000 for 2013.

The Long Island Sound Swim is one of the oldest and continues to be one of the largest in all of the Swim Across America events. In the previous 2 years, Swim Across America have raised over US$1,000,000 to fight cancer.



Make Waves to Fight Cancer


Wetsuits are recommended as there can be cold pockets in the Sound. There may be jellyfish in the Sound. All of our personnel are prepared with proper treatment.


The Long Island Sound Swim started in Larchmont, New York in 1992 at the Larchmont Yacht Club with a 4-mile swim. It was, and still is, dedicated to the memory of Kathy Webers, who along with family and friends courageously battled cancer for over a year.

The Long Island Sound Swim has been raising money for cancer research, prevention and treatment since 1992. Over the last 19 years, the Long Island Sound swim has evolved to include all types of swimmers from Master Swimmers, Olympians, recreational swimmers, competitive Swim Club swimmers, children of all ages. Its youngest pool swimmer was 4 years old; its oldest pool swimmer was 75.


A Sound swimmer may elect to swim 1, 4 or 6 miles.


Teams are friends and family that participate in a swim(s) together as a group, often times, in honor or in memory of an individual. Teams must have at least 5 swimmers. A team of 5 - 10 swimmers, must raise at least US$5,000 - each additional member must raise $500. A swimmer may be part of a team, no matter in which venue they elect to swim



Start Location: Larchmont Yacht Club, 1 Woodbine Ave., Larchmont, New York at 6 am
Finish Location: Larchmont Shore Club, 1 Oak Bluff Ave, Larchmont New York at 9 am (approximately)

Swimmer Requirements

Water Temperatures

Sound water temperatures can vary. Wetsuits are not mandatory, but strongly recommended.

Age Requirement

All parents and legal guardians of swimmers under 12 years old, agree to swim along side of her/him for the duration of the swim or if the parent or guardian is not participating in the event, he/she agrees to have another qualified adult, whom they shall specify on swim day, swim along side his/her child for the duration of the swim.


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