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Lori Carena
Lori Carena grew up in the Bronx where she was an age-group swimmer and a collegiate swimmer. She returned to swimming in her 40's in the open waters around New York City and surrounding states.

She completed the Ederle Swim in 2010 and hopes to swim the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim again. She has swum numerous 5 km and 10 km events as well as a 10 mile swim in Vermont and a swim across the Potomac. She won the Rose Pitonof Swim from Manhattan Island to Coney Island, a 17-mile swim in August 2011. She also was the first women to finish the 2012 In Search of Memphre, a 25-mile cross-border race across Lake Memphremagog from Newport, USA to Magog, Canada. She was recognized with a Hudsie Award by NYC Swim in 2012. She also completed the 15.1-mile Cape Circumnavigation Challenge marathon swim around Cape May, New Jersey.

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