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Luke Tipple is an Australian marine biologist and planner and consultant on nature productions for television, usually involving sharks or marine life. He is also a television personality who has appeared on dozens of shows and a consultant to marathon swims attempted by Diana Nyad and Penny Palfrey. He is part of the Shark Diverâ„¢ team along with Patric Douglas and Richard Theiss.


[edit] TV & Film Credits

[edit] 2011

AT&T / Viacom Host Viacom Commercial
AT&T / AMC Host 'Magic Castle'
CNN Expert/Host CNN Presents [Kaj Larsen]
US/UK Commercial Talent/Host Bacardi Oak Commercial
National Commercial Talent Gillette Shark Commercial
AT&T / Bravo Host 'Miami'
AT&T / Travel Host 'Texas Rodeo'
AT&T / Discovery Host 'Georgia Aquarium'
AT&T / Travel Host 'Grand Canyon'
AT&T / SciFi Host 'Roswell'
AT&T / Showtime Host 'Game of Thrones'

[edit] 2010

AT&T / STARZ Host 'Camelot'
Animal Planet Expert/Host 'Expedition'
AT&T / Discovery Host 'Shark Week' Special
CNN Expert/Host 'Special, with Sanja Gupta'

[edit] 2009

Indi Lead / Producer 'SharkDiver: the Movie'
History Expert/Host 'Modern Marvels'
Spike Expert/Host 'Surviving Disaster'

[edit] 2008

Ushuiaia Nature Expert/Host Shark Documentary
Discovery Expert/Host 'Mythbusters'

[edit] Video

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