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Lynn Kubasek
Lynn Kubasek, Catalina Channel swimmer and observer
Fear No Pier participants under the pier at Huntington Beach, including Lynn Kubasek, Julian Rusinek, Ray Meltvedt, Theo Schmeeckle, Natalie Merrow, Tanya MacLean, and Scott Zornig just after finishing their 19th stage swim. Photo by WOWSA

Lynn Kubasek is a marathon swimmer from Laguna Beach, California who is a member of the Oak Streeters pod. She successfully crossed the Catalina Channel in 2009, earning herself membership in the Half Century Club. In 2011, she crossed the Santa Barbara Channel from Anacapa Island and was part of an all-female relay crossing from San Francisco to the Farallon Islands. Lynn serves on the Board of Directors of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association and is an observer for the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation. She has completed two of the Southern California Eight and was the 50-54 age group overall winner of the 2012 SPMS Open Water Series held in Southern California as well as one of the top swimmers of the 2012 Go The Distance program at U.S. Masters Swimming.

In her professional life, she is an Environmental Compliance Specialist and a Water Quality Specialist.


2013 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year Nomination

Kubasek was nominated for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year. Her nomination reads:

There is not a day that goes by without her cheering on or offering to swim with others. Her swimming friends come from all over the world. When not in the water, Lynn Kubasek is creating YouTube clips and online supporting swimmers day in and day out. She willingly and happily jumps on escort boats, prepares drinks, and offers to observe or crew on a moment’s notice or months in advance. Ocean water is seemingly in her blood; she wears lanolin as often than make-up; and marine life are her cherished friends. Always willing to help out, she has a permanent smile on her face in and out of the water. For her deep love of the ocean, for her profound sense of appreciation of the sport, for her overwhelming and all-encompassing sense of voluntarism, Lynn Kubasek is a worthy nominee for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

Farallon Islands

Lynn both struggled and triumphed with relay teammates Kim Chambers, Laura Vartain Horn, Cathy Delneo, Melissa King and Patti Bauernfeind from the Golden Gate Bridge to the South Farallons Island. The first all-female team to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of the Farallon Islands, they started and finished in the dark after 16 hours and 29 minutes. The six hardy women went through three rotations on their relay through the Red Triangle (watch visual gallery here).

"The seas, generally 15-20 feet, were larger than the escort boat," said Vito Bialla, the team's pilot. "Plus it was cold: 49°F (9.5°C), but the enthusiasm and passion of the women never wavered."

"I feel so incredibly lucky to have gotten to swim with such a fiercely strong group of women. I met Melissa King. She was the same here, steadfast and upbeat. I so admire her strength and steadfast cheerfulness," recalled Lynn. "Alas, my preparations against motion sickness (ginger and Dramamine lite) were for naught. I got sick very early in and barely kept a drop or morsel down the entire voyage. It was an interesting day - and I cannot say enough about each and every team member. Among my favorite memories of the swim was on my first round swimming, I thought that I missed the kelp (and grass and rocks) from Laguna Beach because it acts as a marker to let you know you are making forward progress. About 5 minutes later, Vito shouted "Kelp!" and I swam past and over part of a kelp pattie I felt at home. The thought of the commonality of the water made me feel completely at ease. Then I saw a couple of huge ominous purple bell jellies, but it was OK. Vito also said they saw the island during my 1st round (the 6th hour) as the sun started to come out which was so cool."

Lynn become blindingly ill from dry-heaving, but her smile is still plastered on her face. "What a GREAT thing to get to do. I was so sick and I really hit bottom but yanked it up. Would do it again in a heartbeat. That was FUN! What a great group and a great cause."

Team Tripod

Kubasek was also a member of Team Tripod, a group of 3 separate teams of 6 swimmers each that completed a joint crossing of the Catalina Channel in 13 hours 16 minutes. The 3 relays swam the exact same pace across the Catalina Channel. The teams started near midnight on Cabrillo Beach and swam out to Catalina Island with Carol Sing as the team leader. The swimmers included Julian Rusinek, Lynn Kubasek, Carol Hayden, Karl Jacobs, Kenny Jacobs, Tanya MacLean, Patsee Ober, Marc Horwitz, Tom Cook, Dan Simonelli, Kelley Schall, Thomas Johnson, Steve Coopersmith, Natalie Kreitzinger, Marta Gaughen, Paula Selby, Yafa Minazad, and Kim Miller. The support crew included Grace van der Byl, Julie Flanagan, Kevin Eslinger, Forrest Nelson, and Neil van der Byl. The CCSF Observers included Carol Sing and John York.

Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Series

The SPMS Open Water Series is a 10-race series for registered swimmers of Southern Pacific Masters Swimming in Southern California.

2012 Series Schedule

1. Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, 1 mile
2. Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, 3 miles
3. Semana Nautica, 6 miles
4. Balboa to Newport Pier-to-Pier, 2 miles
5. Nadadores Rough Water Swim at Salt Creek, 2.4 mile
6. OptimisSport Distance Swim Challenge, 1.2 mile swim
7. OptimisSport Distance Swim Challenge, 2.4 mile swim
8. Don Burns Corona del Mar Swim, 1 mile
9. Slam the Dam at Lake Mead, 1.2 mile loop
10. Slam the Dam at Lake Mead, 2.4 mile loop

2012 Series Winners

19-24 years: Carri Cook
25-29 years: Lexie Kelly
30-34 years: Jessica Krick
35-39 years: Tanya MacLean
40-44 years: Vanessa Mesia
45-49 years: Melissa Latt
50-54 years: Lynn Kubasek
55-59 years: Veronica Hibben
60-64 years: Carol Hayden

35-39 years: Craig Gutjahr
40-44 years: James Bergen
45-49 years: Bryan Buck
50-54 years: Bill Ireland
55-59 years: James Hardie
60-64 years: Hubie Kerns
75-79 years: Bill Cooke

Santa Barbara Channel Half Century Club Members

Of the 53 official solo swims governed by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, 24.5% of the swims have been accomplished by these swimmers of the Half Century Club:

Catalina Channel Half Century Club

1. Bob West (USA), 62, CM in 15:49 in 1998
2. Gary Greenwood (USA), 62, CM in 13:08 in 2004
3. Pat Gallant-Charette (USA), 60, CM in 14:11 in 2011
4. Mo Siegel (USA), 60, CM in 13:08 in 2011
5. Bob Needham (USA), 58, CM in 13:10 in 2011
6. Tom Hecker (USA), 57 in 10:45 in 2009
7. Richard Knepper (USA), 56, MC in 11:56 in 2005
8. Barbara Held (USA), 56, CM in 9:36 in 2010
9. Carol Sing (USA), 55, CM in 10:38 in 1997
10. Bill Hoehn (USA), 55, CM in 12:57 in 2005
11. Kevin Murphy (Great Britain), 54, CM in 15:23 in 2003
12. Roger Finch (South Africa), 54, CM, 9:45:02 in 2012
13. Dave Van Mouwerik (USA), 54,, CM, 12:09:07
14. Ned Denison (Ireland), 54, CM, 8:50:04 in 2012
15. Nick Almos-Lau (Mexico), 53, CM in 12:40 in 1999
16. James Fitzpatrick (USA), 53, CM in 14:59 in 2008 (to Newport Beach)
17. Jim McConica (USA), 53, CM in 10:19 in 2004
18. Douglas McConnell (USA), CM, 12:41:13 in 2012
19. David Cooper (USA), 52, CM in 13:19 in 2005
20. Dan Richards (USA), 52, CM in 10:10 2008
21. Alan Bell (USA), 51, CM in 9:28 in 2001
22. Chris Palfrey (Australia), 51, CM in 10:30 in 2009
23. Lynn Kubasek (USA), 51, CM in 15:53 in 2009
24. Daniel Robinson (USA), 51, CM in 9:57 in 2008
25. Antonio Argüelles (Mexico), 50, CM in 10:25 in 2009
26. William Newbern (USA), 50, CM in 12:48 in 2005
27. Ray Meltvedt (USA), 50, CM in 15:25 in 2010
28. Suzie Dods (USA), 50, MC in 18:36 in 2010
29. Dale Petranech (USA), 50, CM in 13:28 in 1985
30. John Hill (USA), 50, CM in 19:15 in 1985
31. Frank Reynolds (USA), 50, CM in 10:34 in 1987
32. Jim Barber (USA), 50, CM in 8:43 in 2010
33. Sue Free (USA), 50, CM, 11:23 in 2012
34. Bridgette Hobart Janeczko (USA), 50, CM 11:27:16 in 2012
35. Hendrik Meerman (USA), CM, 50, 12:48:30 in 2012

Catalina Channel Relay Record

Kubasek was also part of the As Seen On TV relay together with Barbara Held, Marc Horwitz, Ray Meltvedt, Julian Rusinek, and Roni Hibben that set the world record across the Catalina Channel from Catalina Island to the California mainland on 1 July 2013 in the category of Mixed (3 man, 3 women) 50-59 Catalina-to-Mainland Relay at 9 hours 38 minutes and 42 seconds.

As Seen On TV


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