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Lynn Sherr (born 4 March 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a former television correspondent with ABC News Magazine 20/20, an author and award-winning journalist. She wrote SWIM: Why We Love the Water and has covered topics ranging from national politics, to the discovery of a 67-million-year-old dinosaur, to Susan B. Anthony to NASA Space Shuttle missions during her career.



After receiving a B.A. from Wellesley College in 1963, she became a freelance host at WNET-TV in New York, then staff. She worked for the Associated Press and WCBS-TV. In 1977, she was the guest host of the MacNeil–Lehrer Report while Robert MacNeil was absent, and has hosted a number of PBS specials. In 1983–85 she was a reporter/editor for Condé Nast.


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As a life-long swimmer who majored in Greek at Wellesley College, Sherr took on the personal challenge of swimming the wild waters of the Hellespont – the iconic strait that separates Europe from Asia made famous by the Greek myth of Hero and Leander and elevated to an athletic milestone by Lord Byron in 1810 - as part of her research for SWIM: Why We Love the Water. Sherr weaves her adventurous tale around the history and science of the sport into an elegant and witty exploration of the joy of swimming: its lure, its lore and its timeless enchantment from Neptune to Benjamin Franklin to Nemo to Esther Williams up to Michael Phelps.

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