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Dr. Marilyn Korzekwa
Marilyn Korzekwa
54-year-old Canadian psychiatrist and mother of three Dr. Marilyn Korzekwa completed the English Channel in 16 hours 28 minutes in 2011 with Fred Mardle and Kevin Sherman as the Channel Swimming Association pilots. She also completed the Catalina Channel in 2013 and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2014 to become the first Canadian to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. The native of Hamilton, Ontario has twice crossed Lake Ontario and is a member of the Half Century Club. She also crossed Lake Simcoe 35 km from Barrie to Orillia in 18 hours 44 minutes with the water was 13ÂșC for the first 3 hours and a Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 10 hours 2 minutes on 12 July 2014.

Korzekwa is also on the board of Solo Swims of Ontario, a recipient of the Cliff Lumsdon Award, and a member of the University of Toronto Sports Hall of Fame.


Lake Ontario swims

She crossed Lake Ontario from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Toronto in 1983 (south-to-north) and from Toronto to Port Dalhousie (north to south against the powerful Niagara River current) in 1984.

English Channel swim

Dr. Korzekwa won the Channel Swimming Association's Van Audenaerde Cup for the Greatest Feat of Endurance for 2011 in 16 hours minutes. Korzekwa won the Van Audenaerde Endurance Cup from the Channel Swimming Association for the most difficult feat of endurance of the year.

Michael Read, President of the Channel Swimming Association, recognized Dr. Korwekwa, "The greatest feat of endurance encompasses everything, age, length of swim, weather conditions...the person who battled on against all odds in spite of what was thrown at them. The time taken is clearly one aspect, but 20 hours on a flat calm day would not in our view beat 16 hours in a Force 4. And you had 12 hours in F4 and occasionally F5 and you had 13 hours of a head wind. In our view you had the hardest swim of the year."

Marathon Swims


"For me, marathon swimming is the ultimate mental, physical and emotional challenge."

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