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Mary Meyer Life Fitness is an open water swimming clinic aimed toward triathletes.


About MMLF programs

*Open Water Technique Clinics (All Levels)

When swimming in the open water you are dealing with elements that are constantly changing, presenting several unique challenges. MMLF can help you prepare for swimming in a lake versus a pool. Our open-water swim clinics turn even the most inexperienced swimmer into a more confident racer. Can't make it to all clinics? Come to as many as you can — you are welcome to join us at any point in this series. We suggest coming to as many clinics as you can — different water and weather conditions offer you the experience to build your confidence and skills. Open Water Clinics cover: Safety, mental preparation & conditioning, rough & calm water, breathing & sighting, gear & equipment, getting over fear and most importantly believing and trusting yourself. All levels are welcome!

Open Water Workouts (Intermed./Adv.)

Open to intermediate and advanced swimmers who are self-driven and can swim at least one half mile comfortably in a lake. Designed for those who want a set time and place to get in the lake for a half mile to a mile or more swim guided by an MMLF coach. Workouts are designed to push athletes past their performance threshold.


City: Seattle

State: Washington

Country: USA

Region: Americas

Contact Name: Mary Meyer Life Fitness



Event Dates: June - August

Website: Official Website

Class: Clinic

Wetsuit: Yes

Charity: No

Relay: No


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