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Michael Miller
Michael Miller of Honolulu, Hawaii is the one of the oldest successful swimmers of the English Channel and a member of the Half Century Club and the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, and is ranked #11 in the World Swimming Majors. He is married to fellow ocean swimmer Laura Miller.


Marathon Swimming Career

Coaching Career

Miller coached his daughter Mackenzie Miller to complete the Molokai Channel and a team of young children from Aulea Swim Club to cross the Maui Channel.

World Swimming Majors

1. Alison Streeter, United Kingdom, 54
2. Kristian Rutford, United States, 53
3. Peter Jurzynski, United States, 62
4. Penny Palfrey, Australia, 50
5. Christopher Green, United Kingdom, 63
6. Benn Kramer, Canada, 56
7. Dieter Loeliger, Australia, 79
8. Karteek Clarke, United Kingdom, 46
9. Antonio Arguelles, Mexico, 54
10. Marc Newman, United Kingdom, 45
11. Michael Miller, United States, 59

Rewarming after Ederle Swim

Miller is shown experiencing afterdrop after the 2010 Ederle Swim in New York:

Mike Miller

Mike Miller is an American marathon swimmer from North Carolina.

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