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The 100m Michele Fast Relays are part of the Michele Fast Memorial Swim @ Naples Island, an open water swimming competition, formerly called the Naples Island Swim, to be held on 11 August 2013.

The Michele Fast Relays are held in the following divisions: mother + daughter, father + son, father + daughter, mother + son, husband + wife, couples, friends where each family member swims 50 meters each.


[edit] Michele Fast Memorial Swim

Michele Fast Memorial Swim @ Naples Island is a tribute to Michele Daschbach Fast who was killed by a mass murderer in a beauty salon in Seal Beach, Calfornia on 12 October 2011. The event is a swim in support of her favorite charity, the SmileTrain, on 7 July 2012 from Sunset Beach to Seal Beach.

It is organized in combination with the family-hosted, point-to-point memorial swim called the Michele Daschbach Fast Memorial Ocean Swim held from Sunset Beach to Seal Beach on 10 August 2013.

[edit] Michele Daschbach Fast

Fast grew up in Atherton in northern California the youngest of six children. The University of California Santa Barbara graduate met her husband Patrick in college and later moved to Seal Beach where they raised their 3 children: Patrick, a senior at UC Berkeley, Laura, a freshman at UCLA, and Lisa, a junior at Los Alamitos High School.

She swam every morning in Seal Beach, touching everyone she met in and out of the water with her smile, sense of humor, compassion and selfless perspective of life.

[edit] Location

Naples Island, Long Beach, California

[edit] Donations

Donations can be made in Michele Fast's name to The SmileTrain, her preferred charity of choice.

[edit] Co-Event Directors

Pam Lazzarotto, Steven Munatones, Lexie Kelly

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